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Whether massive quake or zombie outbreak, we've all thought about what we might do in an apocalyptic or disaster situation. Survive Seattle is here to help you get prepared.

Survive Seattle: The Shake

Date: TBD

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New Yorker article got you down? Worried about Seattle falling into the ocean after the doomsday quake everyone is predicting? What the Fuca?

As Seattle natives ourselves, we've seen the articles lately:

  • The Earthquake That Will Devastate Seattle - The New Yorker
  • FEMA is planning for an earthquake that would devastate the Pacific Northwest - Business Insider
  • Earthquake experts on 'The Really Big One':Here's what will actually happen in Seattle - Geekwire

There is certainly a lot of hype and unnecessary panic out there, but the truth remains that a massive earthquake is a very real possibility. If you're worried or just want to learn more and see if you'll be ready when the moment comes, sign up for our upcoming event covering earthquake survival.

We're currently planning series of courses with local experts and partners. Let us know if you're interested and we'll be in touch with more.


Visit our friends over at Room Escape Adventures and see what it's like to be trapped in a room with a hungry zombie.
Survive Seattle: The Shake
Survive Seattle: The Shake, is an experiential learning event designed to prepare you to survive an earthquake and its aftermath in Seattle.

There won't be much sitting around or lectures here, we're going to put you through the paces and get you ready by providing the following:

  • The facts from local earthquake experts from the University of Washington
  • Scenario demonstrations: Our experts will walk through the most likely possibilities and give you tips on how to deal with each
  • Break out group activities: Survival is about learning to work together, at our event you'll be challenged to work with each other to:
    • Start and put out fires (you may have to do both in a disaster!)
    • Forage for food, bait a hook, set a trap
    • Give basic medical attention to a fellow survivor
    • Fortify doors and windows
    • and much more!
  • A customized escape/survival plan for you and your family that you develop with the help of trained survivalists
  • Fun and informative physical activities with trainers who know how to get you in survival shape
  • Personal survival readiness scorecard. Our experts will test your mind and your body and provide you with your chance of survival along with tips on how to improve in various areas. (NOTE: Participating in these activities is optional and at your own risk...oh yeah, and a ton of fun!)
  • Optional: "Bug out Bag" complete with supplies and tools you need to survive any kind of disaster.
  • Discounts on our future standalone courses and on gear from our sponsors
Age 10 or older only.
Interested in ongoing classes where you get the chance to learn new survival skills and maybe even get in better shape along the way?

We want to host courses combining a physical workout element and survival topics like:

  • Hot wiring a car
  • Building fortification
  • Survival medicine
  • Hunting & Foraging
  • Self defense
  • and more
If you're interested or have an idea for something we should put on, we're all ears. With enough interested people we can get the right experts and partners involved to make it happen!